How it works

Our process streamlines the production kick-off and gets your project going in 3 easy steps.


Browse Directors

Browse Directors and view their reels, you can use filters to narrow down your search and focus on the profiles you’re most interested in.


Fill In Details

Answer very few simple questions to help us understand how to properly address your production. You can shortlist your favorite directors or if you'd rather have our team create a package for you we can do that at no additional cost.


Submit Request

A Production Specialist will be in touch within 2 hours to chat with you about your production.

Our Business Model

Unlike other creative professions, directors can't operate alone - they need a production partner. Our pricing reflects this: we take a standard 20% of the client’s production budget but unlike traditional production companies we also share 10% of it with our directors, on top of their daily fee. We’re in it together.

For Clients
You pay
Of the production budget (no hidden fees)
Dedicated producing team
Creative Consultancy
Streamlined Bidding process
Post Production
For Directors
You earn
Of the production fee  (on top of your  daily rate)
Profile on the platform
Strategic Consultancy
Treatments Assistance
Multichannel Promotion

Our Values


We’ve built a framework of professional transparency with our talents and work integratively with them respecting their artistic independence: no exclusives nor obligations. With our model internal politics don’t exist.


We are a network of like-minded people who know, trust and respect each other’s work. Everyone of our directors has been vetted by existing members of the community in order to be featured on the platform.


Our model enables you to look beyond a fixed roster and partner more easily with a dynamic curation of artists. You have access to resources across the globe that are  fit for the role.

Your Production, a few clicks away.